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A cash receipt is a document used as a record of a transaction and transfer of ownership of a product or service from the seller to the buyer. A cash receipt is a formal evidence of payment that confirms what sort of cash payment was made in exchange with goods or services.

Cash receipt is usually issued in two copies, one is going to the buyer and the other one will be kept by the seller. The seller use this for accounting and auditing purposes. While the buyer can keep the receipt as a proof in case of a dispute.

Content of A Cash Receipt

A cash receipt has information and details related to the transaction, including :

  • Receipt number – Unique Number for receipt management.
  • Payment date – The Date when you receive cash.
  • Buyer’s name & Seller's Name
  • Quantity
  • Total Money Paid
  • Payment Method ( Cash, Credit Card or So on)
  • Signature of both parties

If you are looking for ideas to create a cash receipt, you can take a look at the following images where you will find a collection of cash receipt template and examples you can use as reference to create your own cash receipt for your business. Enjoy!

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