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When it comes to the discussion about business, there are some documents need to prepare, including purchase contract documents. To make a good contract document, there some requirements should be fulfilled. So, what to do to make a good buying contract for your business document? Check it out!

What Makes A Good Purchase Contract?

A good document for a buying agreement consists of
some crucial elements that business owners should know. They include:

  • Number of the exchange agreement
  • The base location
  • The netting blocking indicator
  • Base product/ sub-product that relevance to indicator
  • Value-added tax indicator, and more.

By adding those important elements to the buying
contract, you can make sure both parties, the seller and buyer have a clear
guideline regarding the entire buying process. 

How to Make A Purchase Contract

Here are steps to help you create a good purchase agreement.

  1. First, go to the initial screen by clicking on Choose> Logistics> Exchanges> Exchange Operations> Exchange Agreements> Change Exchange Agreement.
  2. Next, you can enter the exchange agreement’s number where you want to assign your buying contract and then choose "ENTER". The system will show you the entry screen of the contract agreement data.
  3.   Select the Purchase Contract tab and the system will show a list of buying contracts that have been assigned by clicking Choose> Edit> Assign Document.
  4. When the system shows the initial screen to make the contract, you need to know that you can’t change the exchange partner used as a vendor. However, you can keep the remaining data and then click on ENTER. This will take you to the data screen’s header.
  5. After that, you should enter the validity period used for the buying contract and click ENTER to branch the overview of the item. You can enter the required data for each item and get access to the more detail data by choosing an item and click on Item> Detail.
  6. If you want to edit or display the quantity schedule, just click on Item> More Function> Quantity Schedule. If you want to maintain a base product, you can enter the Base product field.
  7. For selecting the fees, you can choose Item> More Functions> Fee Processing.
  8. The last step is to save the contract. You will find out that the system shows the data screen display for the contract assignments. The document number of the buying contract is displayed on the purchase agreement.

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