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A month to month rental agreement is a contract document used to establish rules and expectations that both the landlord and tenant are bound to abide by for as long as the rental remains in effect.

Month to month rental agreement is similar to the standard rental agreement, but it has no end date for the lease. That means the contract can go on until either the landlord or the tenant decide to terminate it. And depends on the state, the termination of the lease will require a notice of a week until 30 days in advance.

Month to month lease agreement has the same clauses and terms and conditions just like the standard one, it covers rules, utilities, pets and so on. It will require the same information like owner name, tenant name, property address, price and more.

Whether you are trying to rent a house or room, you will probably find the following month to month lease agreement examples useful. Be sure to check out the following examples to get ideas to create month to month rental agreement for your property!

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