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A reference letter or also known as recommendation letter is a letter written to state our intention to vouch and describe for the job candidate’s capabilities, character traits and also their achievements. The reference itself can be taken from several point of views like professional, employment, academic, or personal.

These reference letters are most commonly used in the hiring process, these letters by nature will influence the decision. It can help the person get the job, but it can also ruin the chances if it's not written correctly. Reference letter is a formal letter, thus it will need to be written in a professional manner.

A good reference letter should brief and provide information on who you are, your connection with the job candidate you are recommending, it should describe why they are qualified for the position and any skills they have that will make him/her get the job. Don't make it too long and complicated, the person who read the letter is just need to be sure that you are really recommend the job candidate.

You may need to write a reference letter for someone, it can be for a friend, former employee, a family member or others who feel their employers cannot provide positive references.

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