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Room rental agreement is a legally binding agreement or contract between the property owner and the renter, in this case, the rental for a room. When you are planning to lease out a room, you will need to prepare a rental agreement to secure the transactions.

The agreement is made to protect both parties, the tenants and owners, it is used as a guideline and to outline the rights as well as obligations of both parties. A written agreement is needed to help resolve conflicts if there is any disputes between the owner and the renter.

A basic room rental agreement contains of information from both parties, including:

  • Names and contacts of both the owner and the renter
  • Names and description of premises shared
  • Utilities and amenities (wifi, TV, phone and etc).
  • Terms and rules
  • Conflict resolution

The easiest way to create a room rental agreement is using template, all we need to do is simply download a template and insert the required information to the available fields. We can modify the date and other details that are important.

In the following gallery, there are a collection of room rental agreement templates and samples to give you inspirations. If you are currently looking for ideas to create a rental agreement, then you can check out the following examples.

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