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If you are in clear need of asking a raise for the right reason, you should know that you can always use proposal letter template for salary increase. Yet, when you are using a template you can easily get online, you may miss the main elements and points that should be in such proposal. It is better that you write it from scratch by keeping these following things in mind.

It should be started by writing about your gratitude regarding the job. You should let your boss know that you really appreciate the chance to work there and everything that can be complimented. Enthusiasm about the job that you are having should be stated as well since that will be your savior just in case that the raise is not granted.

Once you have done saying thanks and properly compliment the job and everything else, you should be able to state the main purpose of the letter. You should be able to deliver the possible benefits to give to the company while asking for a raise. If you are considered to be a difference-maker within the company then it will not be that hard to really get a raise. You just have to be able to express it properly.

Another thing to put within the increase proposal even if you try to write it down from proposal letter template is your accomplishment. It is possible that you have been doing pretty well for quite some time so that you consider getting a raise is a proper thing. You could deliver that by including the results that you have gained along the way. If the boss could get the positive things that you have done for the company, surely a raise will not be a problem.

Once you clearly write the accomplishments of you, a proper statement of beneficial things for the both of you should be added. It means that if the raise is granted you could do those accomplishments again for the company. Asking for a meeting will be a decent way to open a discussion in person regarding what you have written on the proposal. Within the meeting surely you do not need to talk much about things on the proposal except if you are asked to do so.

The last thing you should do in writing this particular proposal is to show how passionate you about working even better and giving even more for the company following the raise. With those things in mind, you will make the best out of proposal letter template of salary increase very well.

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