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An employment verification letter or also known as a letter of employment is a letter used to verify the income and employment history of an individual. This employment verification letter may required by the landlords if you are trying to rent their property or by other institutions if they are trying to join their programs like rental applications, loan and many more.

New employer may need an employee to provide employment verification to ensure that the individual has been truthful about your previous salary and job position.

Before requesting an employment verification letter from the employer, we need to check in with your Human Resources department. Some companies may have a specific policy regarding releasing employee data to the third party, which may need your permission.

If you are HR director, manager, or CEO and need to create a letter of employment for employees, then you can use letter of employment templates. Templates will make the work easier and faster.

Below are a series of examples of employment verification letter templates to inspire you, please be sure to check them out!

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Tuesday, December 24th, 2019

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