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A payslip or salary slip is a formal document handed out by organization or company to its employee as a proof of payment for their salary. The document comes with salary calculation for that employee, including the wage, overtimes, allowances , tax deduction, fees and pensions and insurance. It will also show the final net amount paid to the employee.

As an official proof of the payment, a payslip comes with the details of the employee in the content section like employee name, department, ID and the payment with signatures of both employer and employee

The information written in the payslip should be accurate to avoid future problems between the employee and employer. A payslip can be provided in the form of hard copy or sent through email, it depends on the company's policy.

Below are some well designed payslip examples to help you create a great salary slip for your business. Be sure to check them out and be inspired!

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Friday, December 20th, 2019

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